Monday, November 29, 2004

yipee!! its o-v-e-r!!
anw yesyesyes lets meet up!
so glad the blog is growing :)
who else has a blog?
must link this blog to ur blog and vice versa :)

Sunday, November 28, 2004

hi babes, remember this? haha... Posted by Hello


hello ann kee, u've got to be kidding! =P why were u enlisted into msia's ns?? haha.. hilarious! =P

Friday, November 26, 2004

join the blog!

haha debbie sounds just as crappy as ever (as in the beginning of her blog =P)

hmm let's really meet up, now that the As are over (well, nearly =\) everyone should be really really free, unless u're enlisting in the army.. which i doubt it lah right? =P let's have a christmas party thing.. though i hope not too many ppl will be overseas then..

actually, come to think of it, i don't think i went back to mg in a long long time! don't even know how the building looks like after renovations =\ bleah.. anyway, i hope more ppl would join the blog soon! haha then we can all share with each other what's going on with our lives

well, just take lots of care! and just enjoy the hols! =)

our reunion?

Hey hey my dear friends,
this-the blog- is great.
It'll be greater everyone uses it.

But everything's already great! because the holiday season is here!
Christmas soon, and i know you and i, all of us around here can't wait for it.

And it'll be greater if 4a3 could meet up.
yup, that'll be nice.
I miss everyone, everything. i miss agnes' brilliance, i miss wendy's tallness, i miss siew sze's malaysian accent, i miss ngee shin's funniness, i miss everyone...

i'm sure you do too.

when you pass by mg sometime, i think you'll really miss it. I had this feeling a few times, each time i went by that blue, pink and white coloured building. i felt nostalgic, and thought about sipping coffee at an old coffee shop with my friends... it was nice, wonderful, but sad. wonderful because i remember the good times, sad because they are over.

whatever it is, let's just meet up one day. meet up for a meal? a place nice, comfortable, slack and spacious?
yep yep, let's meet up someday.


luv you all, and hope to hear from all of you.
soon, hopefully.

luv you lots, debbie

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

hi everyone!!
almost ending liao... ren3 :)


haha never knew setting up a blog was so easy.. hmm but it's super plain and i'm a html-illiterate.. so someone pls offer ur services =P well, let's hope this blog doesn't die out.. keep posting keep posting.. =) tell us what's going on with ur lives.. haha anyway, hope the As went well for all of u! argh, i have my last paper on mon only =\ but even though the As are ending, i really don't feel very excited that everything's ending.. hmm i shall miss my present class.. anyway, hope that everyone's doing alright! take care..


hELLO everyone!! heehee...im the first to write?!=) thanks audrey for setting up dis blog! everyone DO blog!=) hope to see everyone sooon...


hello seeing if this thing works