Friday, November 26, 2004

our reunion?

Hey hey my dear friends,
this-the blog- is great.
It'll be greater everyone uses it.

But everything's already great! because the holiday season is here!
Christmas soon, and i know you and i, all of us around here can't wait for it.

And it'll be greater if 4a3 could meet up.
yup, that'll be nice.
I miss everyone, everything. i miss agnes' brilliance, i miss wendy's tallness, i miss siew sze's malaysian accent, i miss ngee shin's funniness, i miss everyone...

i'm sure you do too.

when you pass by mg sometime, i think you'll really miss it. I had this feeling a few times, each time i went by that blue, pink and white coloured building. i felt nostalgic, and thought about sipping coffee at an old coffee shop with my friends... it was nice, wonderful, but sad. wonderful because i remember the good times, sad because they are over.

whatever it is, let's just meet up one day. meet up for a meal? a place nice, comfortable, slack and spacious?
yep yep, let's meet up someday.


luv you all, and hope to hear from all of you.
soon, hopefully.

luv you lots, debbie


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